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Spoiler Alert: What you're doing is NOT working

If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent years trying to enforce some sort of control around what you eat.

Maybe you too thought that a strict diet would be the thing that would stop you from losing control when you start eating.

Only it hasn’t worked.

Weeks, months, or years later, it’s still not working.

Maybe you’ve convinced yourself that you just haven’t found the right diet.

Even though it feels like you’ve tried everything. Tons of different diets. Tweaking those diets. Reading just about every diet book with great reviews on Amazon (imagine if you put this much energy into literally anything else ). I’m aware that each diet feels like something different, yet it’s all restriction and will likely end the same way it usually does.

It’s been frustrating, I’m sure, and I really wish we had found each other sooner because you don’t have to do this anymore.

If you’re here, it’s because you want to live a good fucking life!

YOU deserve it. And it IS possible. Zero binging, zero trigger foods, and zero dieting.


In ✨Divine Body Secrets✨ I’m going to show you...

  • How I managed to go from an introverted bulimic bodybuilder to living my best life...helping women all over the world heal their binging and body image 

  • Why behaviour change doesn’t stick without belief change. If you believe the same things to be true as when you were binging then you will at some point exhaust effort and willpower and go right back to the same behaviours.

  • Why reprogramming your beliefs is the ONLY way to heal disordered eating and transform your body and your life (for good)

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If you’re ready for TRANSFORMATION, from the inside out so that you can trust yourself, make more money, have better relationships, and finally experience peace join us in Divine Body Secrets.

Why should you even make time for this?

Because let’s be real. This isn’t about binging. If you could stay tiny and binge eat, live joyfully and binge eat, and binge eat without judgment, you probably wouldn’t care about being binge-free.

You’re here because you’re want to live the life of your dreams. Not an ordinary life. That’s why staying binge-free can be challenging. Because you’re still hiding. You’re here to make that vision you see in your head a reality. You’re here so you can live up to your potential.

Each time you break a promise to yourself, there’s a part of you that KNOWS you’re meant for more. That you’re here for more than thinking about food all day.

You just don’t know how to get there. But, love, I do...and I can help.

This isn’t just about being binge-free, It's about when you lie down in your bed at night and close your eyes and you see this vision.

When you see this vision you feel the familiar yearning.

I want that.

I want THAT.

That’s why you’re invited to this live series. This isn’t just a matter of being binge-free, this is about getting your life back.

It’s about waking up one day and suddenly realising that your whole life has changed. Your business, your relationships, YOU. How?

By changing your beliefs. Change your beliefs and you change your entire life.

I'm ready!

About Chrissy

Self Love Expert and Business Coach, Chrissy Ajisafe, is here to help women allow themselves to receive the love they deserve (especially from themselves). 

Formerly an international bodybuilder, Chrissy shifted to coaching after healing herself from a 12-year journey with bulimia. One night, on her knees in the bathroom after an especially harrowing day of binging and purging, Chrissy vowed that when she got through this, she would help women all over the world heal their relationship with their bodies and food. This is how The Lovefull Eating Method was born. 

The Lovefull Eating Method is a system of eating that includes Mind, Body, and Soul so you can stop dieting, binging, and obsessing about food and your body for good. Chrissy’s coaching programs help people achieve food freedom and become binge-free so that they can truly live their best lives - whether it’s in their career, business or relationships. Binge eating carries with it the weight of unworthiness. With Chrissy's support, her clients and students drop the weight so they can finally fly.

Other fun facts about Chrissy: She also serves as a coach for James Wedmore's Business By Design. Chrissy's favourite part about her life is her 6 brothers and 6 sisters. She loves dancing and deep conversations about the miraculousness and expansiveness of the universe, self-love, diet culture, addiction, eating disorders, belief systems, and health.